With so many months spent mostly indoor, COOP ÉTABLI is proud to present its all-new line of occasional tables for the livingroom. Entirely made of American white oak, YO. tables offer ideal flexibility for large and small rooms alike. The thin tabletops hover above a fine tapered leg structure. The interlocking system links tables of various heights. A hole in the tabletop supplies an anchoring point for next table’s leg. The small stacking tables can be deployed individually or as an articulated set.  The larger coffee tables can be combined to shape original combinations, reminiscent of mathematical sets. 

Montreal designer Olivier Desrochers, renowned for his numerous award-winning furniture, is the creative mind behind the YO. tables. Elegance and finesse are a hallmark of his work, and this time again, he has done it just right. 

Capture d’écran 2015-02-19 à 18.50.08.png

YO. are offered in white or natural oak. Height and color of the tabletops can be adapted to individual taste. Tabletops are 16, 23 or 28 inches in diameter. Whether for a high armchair or a low sofa, COOP ÉTABLI makers will gladly adapt YO. occasional tables to your requirements and lifestyle.

COOP ETABLI is a three-fold platform dedicated to promoting local creativity and savoir-faire, but which also aims to shift over time the manner in which consumers think about everyday objects by engaging them at a deeper level with the local artisans. It is one thing to buy furniture in a store; it is an entirely different thing to buy it directly from the person who made it. It fundamentally changes the way the consumer perceives their consumption and make them aware of the value of high quality, durable, well thought out objects - all without breaking the bank.