COOP ÉTABLI press release

Designers strive to imagine desirablewell thought out objects. Artisans seek to shape these ideas into quality and durable goods. Consumers love unique furniture with a soul and a story that doesn’t break the bank.  So why is it that no platform offers that?

While it might sound easy stated like that, it took countless hours of business modelling and a ton of passion on the part of a squadron of smart thinkers to come up with a viable system whereby designers, artisans and consumers would each get their fix.

We are proud to introduce ETABLI, a co-op bringing together more than 30 Quebec designers, local artisans and multi-disciplinary professionals all working in the same direction to offer locally crafted designs to savvy consumers. ETABLI is a three-fold platform dedicated to promoting local creativity and savoir-faire, but which also aims to shift over time the manner in which consumers think about everyday objects by engaging them at a deeper level with the local artisans. It is one thing to buy furniture in a storeit is an entirely different thing to buy it directly from the person who made it. It fundamentally changes the way the consumer perceives their consumption and make them aware of the value of high quality, durablewell thought out objects - all without breaking the bank.

Pretty good, hum?


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